Articles must be sent online, on the Congress website, according to the following standards:


• The text, in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French, should be written in Microsoft Word 2010 or earlier version, in A4 format, with 2.5 cm on the right, upper and lower margins and 3 cm on the left margin.

• A 200 word abstract should be written in English and in the accepted language Congress (if different), single spaced and justified and include 3 to 5 keywords, separated by commas;

• The article, also justified, should have 1.5 line spacing, and must not exceed 80,000 characters or 18 pages, including charts, tables and bibliography;

• Quotes and bibliographical references (which should appear at the end of the text) must follow the APA (6th edition) standards.

The article must conform to the standard document available HERE.


• The submitted article must be unpublished, not having been published in any printed or electronic form, and should remain so until the end of the event. It may be the result of a master’s dissertation or PhD thesis.

• An author cannot:

– Sign more than three articles and must appear only once as the first author;
– Make more than two presentations.

• Each article can only be submitted under one theme.

• Only articles with correct grammar and spelling will be accepted, since the submitted will be the definitive version.

Article Submission

• When submitting /uploading the article, all authors must include their full name – author inclusion will not be accepted after submission;

• While submitting, two files are requested: a file in Word format and one in PDF format. The Word file contains the complete article whereas the PDF file contains the complete article without author identification;

• The PDF file must not include author identification. PDF files whose authorship is identified will be excluded from the event. Authors must confirm that their files do not contain explicit or hidden identification, particularly in the file properties.